Disciple Making

A church has failed if it makes converts but does not establish disciples. Disciple-making is intentional and progressive.


Church Growth

Healthy churches grow – naturally and normally. Some of the growth comes through addition, greater growth comes through multiplication.


Teaching Material

In this era, one cannot grow a church or people without teaching them. No knowledge can be assumed. The most basic information is needed. Here are resources...

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Here is a profound observation regarding church growth, church multiplication, and kingdom impact. Sundar Singh said, "Prayer saves time. On the mountains, torrents flow right along, cutting their own courses. But on the plains canals have to be dug out painfully by men so that water cam flow. So among those who live on the heights with God, the Holy Spirit makes its way through of its own accord, whereas those who devote little time to prayer and communion with God have to organize painfully." ... See MoreSee Less

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God and God's people have to use what is at hand.

Shamgar had an ox-goad,
Rahab had a string,
Gideon had a trumpet,
David had a sling,
Samson had a jaw bone,
Moses had a rod,
Dorcas had a needle—
All were used for God.

Do something with what you have in hand! Now . . . think about it. What i your strength? What is your capability? What is in your hand?
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