Disciple Making

A church has failed if it makes converts but does not establish disciples. Disciple-making is intentional and progressive.


Church Growth

Healthy churches grow – naturally and normally. Some of the growth comes through addition, greater growth comes through multiplication.


Teaching Material

In this era, one cannot grow a church or people without teaching them. No knowledge can be assumed. The most basic information is needed. Here are resources...

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Secular education and Biblical education have different postures toward the world. One helps a person fit into the world system; the other helps lift a person above the world. (Unable to give proper attribution) ... See MoreSee Less

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A group was going on a backcountry wilderness exploration in Canada. The people arrived at the outfitter's camp on the edge of the woods. They spent the morning preparing packs and supplies for the long trek. But there was a problem.

A member of the expedition noticed that the guide lacked maps for the backcountry they would explore. No maps! To make matters worse, the guide had no compass!

They anxiously approached the guide with their growing worry, but he looked confidently at them and smiled. "Maps and compasses are not the way through these mountains," he announced. "I am the way through the mountains." (From BOYS!!! by William Beausay ll)
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