Disciple Making

A church has failed if it makes converts but does not establish disciples. Disciple-making is intentional and progressive.


Church Growth

Healthy churches grow – naturally and normally. Some of the growth comes through addition, greater growth comes through multiplication.


Teaching Material

In this era, one cannot grow a church or people without teaching them. No knowledge can be assumed. The most basic information is needed. Here are resources...

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I'm not sure where I picked up this thought provoking tidbit. ARE YOU BURNED OUT OR JUST STRESSED OUT?

Both on the job and in the home, stress and burnout are causing trouble. But they aren't the same. Understanding the differences between the causes and symptoms of stress and burnout may help you understand how to cure and prevent each. The differences:
* Burnout is a defense characterized by disengagement.
* Stress is characterized by overengagement.
* In burnout, the emotions become blunted.
* In stress, the emotions become overreactive.
* In burnout, the emotional damage is primary.
* In stress, the physical damage is primary.
* The exhaustion of burnout affects motivation and drive.
* The exhaustion of stress affects physical energy.
* Burnout produces paranoia, depersonalization, and detachment.
* Stress produces panic, phobias, and anxiety disorders.
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Over 20 years ago Preaching magazine had this fitting story.

I suppose you have heard of the man who attended a revival, requesting to become a member of the church. The only problem, he was in the wrong church, talking to the wrong preacher. He said, "I want to be baptized, but I don't want to be called on to visit the sick or the newcomers. I don't really care to develop into a song leader or teacher of the congregation. Too, my time is valuable, so I won't be able to give much to the church--I've just bought a boat and a house on the lake."

The preacher thought for a moment and replied, "Uh, I believe you are in the wrong church. The church you are looking for is about three blocks on down the street."

Excitedly, the man followed the directions but soon found himself standing before an old boarded up church building, long since abandoned. Obviously, no one had met there for years. I'm not sure he got the lesson, but he was standing before the end result of his very own attitude. The old building was saying to anyone who would listen, "If you are unwilling to give your time, talent, and your money, you really don't have any Christianity. If the church is not first in your life, her influence over you will eventually die completely. The man had found a church that was "out of business" because of people exactly like him.
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