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Write! It’s Written, I’m EXCITED! Now What?

Reviewing my past blogs:

  1. Your book has been drafted and rewritten multiple times.omnibus
  2. Your book’s contents have been edited by some other qualified individual(s). Someone like the excellent editor who does my work:  Pam Eddings (
  3. A designer has been selected for your book’s cover.  I mentioned  JoLynn Mills at Savvydesign ( She does good work. Regardless of who you have worked with, the cover is tentatively completed to your satisfaction. Reminder:  good editorial and design work is not inexpensive.
  4. Assuming you are self-publishing your book; you have submitted your edited book to or some other “print on demand” publisher for a proof to be developed and sent to you for final review.

When the prooelsie-holding-my-bookf arrives you hold what seems to be a living expression of all your hours of work. However, a “proof-in-hand” is a bit different than the birth of a baby or grandchild. With the kids, no corrections or changes are permitted. With your book, there is time to make any change you need. In your excitement don’t rush the final review. The book your printer sends you is stamped by the printer with the word “proof” for a reason.

This is the time to change your book’s cover or content. Edit your content by gathering the changes that need to be made. I don’t use the printer’s proof for developing my edits, instead I print out a hard copy version of the book on a desk top printer and do edits by hand. When the edits are collected on one hard-copy document, I return to the computer and do the required edits in MS Word.  This edited file is saved as both a MS Word file and as a pdf. When this process is completed, submit your updated content to or your printer. Making the changes is  easier than it sounds in this paragraph.

If the book’s cover has mistakes; perhaps the color does not look as good in print as it did on the computer screen; or a name or word is misspelled – have your designer make changes. If you are unhappy with everything about the cover design, offer to pay an additional fee for corrections or another cover design. Keep in mind, that you had already approved the design that has now been printed on your proof.

Print projects I’ve been involved with have had huge “mistakes.” These mistakes happened with several people taking another look.

  • Misspelling the name of a person who had written a blurb promoting the book.
  • Using a picture with vulgar graffiti cut in a pole in the picture’s background.
  • Instead of our church promo tag saying, “Where God is still exciting,” it actually read, “Where God is still exiting!”  There is a drastic difference between those two.
  • A table of contents with incorrect page numbers.
  • Putting a wrong name under the picture of a person who was recommending the author’s book.

It is best to not own a few hundred copies of anything with those kinds of mistake.

For most authors, when a book proof is in hand one of two things happens:

  1. You are so thrilled to have the “baby” in your hands that you cannot see any imperfections.
  2. The author may be tired of looking at the project and give a minimal review.

Each error I mentioned was over-looked by intelligent, educated and capable people. With such errors in mind, have someone other than you look carefully at the proof. Choose someone who is almost obsessive-compulsive in regard to printed details. Again, as a rule it is not wise for the author, or the author’s family members to be the only people to review the proof.

There will almost certainly be mistakes you and others overlook. Don’t sweat it! If you are using, even after your book is in print, you can correct the file and resubmit the contents. All future printings of your book will have the corrected version.perfectbound

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