You Wouldn’t Want An Ostrich for Your Mama

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“. . . an ostrich drops her eggs in the desert dust . . . making no special preparations. The chicks are at risk! What does the ‘nest’ for your spiritual babies look like? Is there a safe place . . .for new converts to develop and grow?” What should the spiritual nursery at a church look like.


Learn how to keep more converts.  Churches that don’t keep new converts – may be like an ostrich.  Job said an ostrich stands tall and runs fast – in essence she does some things well; but she lays her eggs in the dust and walks away.  An ostrich has no maternal instinct whatsoever.  Learn how to take care of those who have just been born again.  A spiritual new-born has unique and distinct needs – are those needs being provided?  It not, those “babies” are being abandoned to die.  Disciple-making is active care, not hopeful care.

Make sure your church is not an ostrich church!

You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama”  has practical, proven concepts field-tested by over 20 years in a local church pastorate. It gives principles and then specific patterns for helping develop disciples.  The concepts fit church plants, small churches, mid-size and larger churches.  Of course, apply the principles in You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama”  and the church probably won’t stay the same size.  It will grow!  Don’t be an ostrich church.  No new convert wants an ostrich for their mama.

“You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama”  is available for Kindle as well.

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1 review for You Wouldn’t Want An Ostrich for Your Mama

  1. Gloria Williams

    I purchased this as a ebook started reading and couldn’t stop it definitely hit home with me we have the new friends class and teach search for truth. So many things in here that I have applied . A great read if you teach in any class for it needs to be more thanks

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