Ten Days: The First Ten Days

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The early days of new life are important. The right diet and environment are important. Is not this also the case when someone experiences a spiritual “new birth?” Those first Ten Days are important.

Ten Days is a guided study booklet to put in the hands of converts. Each short chapter leads the person to study several verses and helps gain understanding about their new life.

Topics Include:

  • It Happened! (The New Beginning)
  • How to Live Sure
  • Live in God’s Word
  • Faithful is a Good Thing

Other chapters encourage the newcomer to learn, think, fellowship, experience grace, and practice graciousness.

The material is not deep or hard to understand. Ten Days is the perfect resource to put in the hand of a brand new convert. Those who counsel newcomers immediately after conversion can use this book to focus the first days of the person’s Christian life.

Our Disciple-maker’s Training Course teaches how to better connect with a convert at the point of conversion. Ten Days helps get this done.

If you are interested in being introduced to caring for converts my book, The How and Why of New Convert Care is a great start.


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