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The Teacher’s Resource Packet consists of tools for evangelism, teaching the church body and disciple-making. You get the following “easy to use” ready-to-teach lessons. There are a total of 75 unique, researched, well-thought-out and well-presented lessons in this packet:

1. Until He Comes – 4 lessons and 4 sermons on communion. (This comes as a digital download.)
2. Fitly Framed – 7 lessons designed to help a person find their place in ministry and service. (This comes as a digital download.)
3. What the Bible Says – a 7 lesson topical Home Bible Study! This has been a best-seller. It is effective.
4. Take Root – teacher and student books 10 lessons for a newcomer to the church.
5. Bear Fruit – teacher and student books 11 lessons on Christian responsibility. Including stewardship, witnessing and service to the body.
6. If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me . . . (what Kind of Church Would this church be?) Taught in camps, and repeatedly in local church settings. These chapters easily translate into teachable/preachable material.
7. You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama – Teach your church body how to keep converts! Again, easy to teach stuff.
8. God’s Men – Distinctly Different – 7 Bible-based experiences that provide guidance on life decisions and influences. The book is written to men, but the lessons can be taught/preached to any.
9. Leader’s Guide – Distinctly Different – The chapters are ideal for a pastor or men’s ministry leader to guide a group of men through.
10. Beating the Marriage Busters – lessons on marriage
11. Biblical Parenting – learning from the mistakes of Bible parents


The effective, relevant and interesting teaching of the Bible will be a key part of the next wave of revival. Are you ready for it?  You can be.

To be an effective influencer you need to be an effective teacher! Being an effective teacher begins with having access to resources that make the process easier. These resources run the gamut – from materials to teach new converts to lessons taught to parents and married couples.  There is much ground in between!

This packet has Six great resources plus Four sets of student handout ready to be put to use (please note the picture does not currently reflect the package being offered):

Take Root – Teacher’s Manual and Student Manual for a first level of disciple-making. It addresses doctrine and gives a good foundation of Apostolic distinction.

Bear Fruit – Teacher’s Manual and Student Manual for a second level of disciple-making. This series of 11 lessons address Christian responsibility including stewardship and lifestyle matters.

Fitly Framed – This comes as a digital download. The ready-to-teach teacher’s lesson is then printed out, as are the student lessons. Fitly Framed is the third level of instruction for converts. People need to be involved in ministry this puts them in the place they should serve.  Fitly Framed has seven lessons, gift tests and more.

If Everybody Here Were Just Like ME? will help each saint realize what they should do to help their church become a great church. What is the measure of a great church?  What are the unique traits of the saints in a great church?  Excellent material and adaptable to many styles of teaching.

Until He Comes – Four lessons on communion plus four sermons used during communion service. This is a unique resource. The lessons were taught as a series. One of the sermons was a Father’s Day Communion service. It led the fathers to the Passover practice of “blessing their children.”  The impact was powerful. On emailed request, this book can be provided to you as a MS Word Doc file.  You can then easily make the lessons your own.

Beating the Marriage Busters – These Bible-based lessons deal with the marriage implications for various decisions in the Bible.

  • How might Adam have responded when Eve made their life hard with a decision to eat the forbidden fruit? Eve ate the fruit without Adam being part of the decision.
  • What would Sarah’s response have been when Abraham sought above all to protect his own skin? Abraham lied about his marriage. In doing so, Abraham put his wife at risk.
  • There are 4 additional ready-to-teach lessons drawn straight from the Bible.

Bible Parenting – Another array of lessons drawn straight from Bible experiences.

  • Eli did a poor job disciplining his sons. His sons, Hophni and Phineas were selfish. They were out for one thing. It was their own ease and pleasure. Eli’s approach to his two sons’ failure affected others. Great lesson on discipline.
  • Issac and Rebekah provide great material on Parents Who Play Favorites.
  • Jephthah’s pursuit of success gives a powerful lesson on What Price Are You Willing to Pay for Success?
  • There are 3 additional ready-to-teach lessons drawn straight from the Bible.


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