THE OMNIBUS SALE – 1/2 Price – ALL Titles

$509.98 $254.97


Omnibus – (adj) comprising several items.

This is a one time per year opportunity to own everything I’ve written.  ALL of it! Where it is under my control you receive a hard copy and the ebook versions! The regular price for everything I’ve written would be $509.95!!

On Sale for 1/2 price – $254.97! That’s right – 1/2 price!

It does not get better. A great “high-end” gift for that developing minister, (or for yourself).

Look through the website.  You get it all. Nothing is left out.

  • Disciple-making tools
  • Church growth concepts
  • Lessons ready to teach – great for bi-vocational pastors.
  • Personal development for every Christian.

You get it all!  The whole enchilada belongs to you! $254.97



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