Bear Fruit Discipleship Course


Bear Fruit is the second discipleship resource in the series.  First is Take Root and the last is Fitly Framed. Bear Fruit builds on the concepts presented in Take Root. While Take Root develops basic doctrinal comprehension, Bear Fruit is designed to help the new convert accept responsibility for being a mature and productive believer. Bear Fruit includes two lessons on Stewardship, three lessons on Christian Lifestyle and an introduction to finding one’s place of service in the body of Christ.

In our local pastorate completing Bear Fruit was a membership requirement. Even those who transferred their membership had to be part of a Bear Fruit class.  This helped any newcomer understand the high expectations of the church. It is recommended that the pastor teach the lessons on Christian Lifestyle. These  eleven lessons include homework and student research. The teacher’s manual gives recommendations on how to best present the material.

Bear Fruit was proven by over twelve years of use in Springfield, Missouri and is now in use at dozens of churches all over the world.  It has been translated into Spanish, French and several other languages.



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