10 Pack – Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask


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Here is an opportunity to pour into the lives of ministers around you. For a limited time we are offering a bundle of 10 for only $49.99.

Church Planter Andrew Kauffmann wrote: In  “Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask . . . in the 1st Chapter on Considering the Call of God, ‘If you can be happy outside the ministry, then stay out. Beyond that stark statement, God’s call to preach His Word is something definite, but at the same time difficult to define. If there is some other option that one perceives for their life, they are probably not called to preach.’ This is a must read for every Home Missionary! As a Pastor I’m requiring every minister or those who feel the call to read it. Simple, practical and understandable, dealing with the real world stuff of ministry.”

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