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Guest Post – Which Kid Will be a Leader?

One writer said the church that will be impact tomorrow should be determining future leaders and investing in them before they reach 12 years old. How do you discern a leader among 9 year old children? Well, learn which kid the other children are following into mischief.  That child will almost certainly be a future leader. He can lead a drug-dealing gang, a corporation or a church.  What the person leads will be determined by the influences shaping their life when they are 9 or 10 years old.

To that end . . . Blog pic me

Bill Jones is a church planter (Bolivar, Missouri). He and Sandy’s church plant is now over 25 years old. After much struggle and challenge, they have traction in their community. The church has purchased and remodeled a beautiful building beside the main highway through Bolivar. He is a quality speaker. When circumstances have me away from Calvary, he has been one of several “pinch hitters” our church family greatly enjoys.  He has developed several tracks of training on evangelism.  An area of Bill’s personal interest is how influence is gained. This particular guest blog is at my request to help us think about the need to intentionally influence future influencers.

I enjoy reading and recommending good books. If you have recently read something that has been of benefit please recommend it to me and others in the comment section after the post.

Carlton L. Coon Sr.


Young leaders need a good book

Many young people labeled as trouble makers actually have a leader inside them trying to get out. With no understanding or guidance, the impulse to lead can turn into a “head-butting” session. It can begin with family and end with the law. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Uncle Vince bookI wrote Uncle Vince’s Leadership Keys because my grandson had the makings of a leader. He needed an edge for the future. I also didn’t want him to spend a lot of his life “head-butting” with other people. To accomplish this he needed all possible resources available to mentor him.

Actually, every leader needs a good book

I wrote this book for my grandson and teenagers.  It is also for adults. As I will share in a moment, Uncle Vince’s Leadership Keys has value for anyone in the early stages of their own leadership journey. Many who already occupy leadership positions lack some basic skills. Leadership is not about position.  Leadership can happen without position!

I wish there had been an Uncle Vince years ago

This is material I wish I’d have owned when I started my own leadership journey forty years ago. The most important lessons I’ve learned along the way I have condensed. They are woven into an engaging story. One that allows teenagers and adults to understand and apply the basic principles of leadership and life.

Some leadership principles in Uncle Vince . . .

  • What is the quickest way to check and change your attitude in any given situation?
  • A three phrase outline that will allow you to cast vision like a pro.
  • One of the worst things about giving up is that quitting can become a habit.
  • The connection between a birthday card and personal growth.

These are things you, your grandson, granddaughter, nephew or son can understand and apply!

When I understood and applied these concepts, I immediately became more effective. The effort is so small, but the impact is so great. Read and apply!  You will start seeing success in your personal leadership immediately. Of course, Uncle Vince . . . is really still for my grandson. You get to join in his journey. Maybe you are looking for a special gift for someone graduating this year. This book can give them an edge for their future.

Don’t put it off

Why not become a master of the basics now? Why wait another five or ten years to finally invest in your own grandson?  Don’t wait to invest in yourself! Don’t realize too late how much stress these basic principles could have saved you.

To your leadership success,

Bill L Jones


 uncle Vince’s Leadership Keys can be found on for $10.99 Grab your copy today and remember to give my book  a review.

You can also check out my new blog dedicated to church planters, small church pastors, and leaders in small church settings at

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