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Five Things I Learned from Leland Briggs

Leland Briggs may not be a household name any place except Grant Parish, Louisiana.  I’ve mentioned him before in LelandBriggssome other writing.  Leland Briggs is the pastor I want to be when I grow up.

For almost six decades, Leland Briggs has pastored in the village of Bentley, Louisiana. Leland Briggs deserves note because he has served with distinction, raising up a church of hundreds in a decidedly rural setting fifteen miles outside Alexandria.  When Jesus talked about shepherds he certainly had someone like Leland Briggs in mind. Even today, Pastor Briggs preaches more funerals in Grant Parish than any preacher – he is truly the pastor of an entire region!

A few things I’ve observed in him and would like to apply.

 1. A kind word is always appropriate.  Bro. Briggs allowed me to preach for him from when I was 17.  He always found something good to say about what I’d preached. Today, when I run into Bro. Briggs he will say something gracious that he knows has meaning and indicates he is paying a bit of attention to my life.  It may be  a comment about a Director’s Communique I’d written or some service where I’d preached.  Kindness is always in vogue and “kind people” are always above average.

 2.  Hard work, thankless hard work pays dividends.  Leland Briggs was (and I imagine is) a hospital visiting machine.  He was there early and often. I don’t like hospitals or hospital work; I’ve an idea Bro. Briggs doesn’t either.  Still he is there – day after day.  Early in the day; and then often making the 20 minute drive from his home several times in a given day.  If a person will work hard in the ministry of caring it impacts people more than can ever be known.

 3.  Giving visible, meaningful and constant respect to people when you don’t have to is wise.  I don’t know that Leland Briggs has ever dis-respected any person. For decades, he walked the tight-rope of pastoring quite a number of retired pastors, my Grandfather among them. Preachers are a hard-headed bunch and retiring from being a pastor does not make one’s head any softer. Leland Briggs  managed to pastor all those fellows without conflict, controversy or jealousy among them.  He honored them equally and gave to respect to men and women in public and private for their long service to Jesus’ work. Leland Briggs doesn’t have to do the things he does to respect people – but to do so is wise!

 4.  Connecting the present with the past is not a bad thing.  On the occasion when I see him, he will comment, “Bro. Carlton, I was just thinking tonight, your Grandpa would be so proud of you.”  He knows that the legacy of my grandfather as a church planter and effective pastor means a lot to me. Not only is what Bro. Briggs says a kind word but it is a word that connects the present with a meaningful past.

 5.  He pastors everybody, even if they are still a long way from the flock of God. Grant Parish has some scoundrels. I’m kin to some of them; Leland Briggs pastors them all.  Wandering sheep are still sheep and sheep that have never been enfolded are always potential. The treatment of people in a way that seems to expect the best out of them quite often pays dividends. I’m sure Leland Briggs knows more about the nastiness of the lost people in Grant Parish than they realize, yet he cares for them.  All are not yet saved, but a wise pastor acts like each person he has contact with is on the way to being saved.

 As I think about it, perhaps I’ve got a long way to go to be like Leland Briggs.  I’ve work to do!  I salute Leland Briggs – a man of meaningful impact.

17 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned from Leland Briggs

  1. Ive only met Bro Briggs once and another short convetsation but I attend his son Mark’s church in Shreveport and my husband Garlsnd and i love Mark and Laquita ♥️

  2. I was raised under Reverand Ben Fraiser, he and Bro Leland Briggs were good friends that loved the Lord and God’s people. After moving to Grant Parish I’ve been under Bro Briggs and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. There isn’t enough words to speak the good of this man and I thank God for such great leadership.

    1. He certainly is a great leader!

  3. Excellent! Thank you for sharing this “Godly Pattern” of the Man of God.

    1. He is quite a treasure!

  4. Your words are so true!! Bro. Briggs is a prince among men. He always has a smile and kind words. We’re glad our paths have crossed!

    1. He really is! Too few like him for certain.

  5. I feel very privileged to say he has been my shepherd.

  6. Bro. Briggs, has always said God Is Love, God gave us life,so, we can have it more abundantly. So, thankful for you and Sis. Briggs, being my pastor for so many years. My parents loved and admired y’all all the days of their life. Bro. Briggs, performed my first wedding and he always called me Trish or Trisia. I love y’all so very much.

  7. It’s rare that you come across standout people like Bro. Leland Briggs. I’ve been blessed to be under his teaching and leadership for 35+years. Bro. Briggs is amazing…his tenacity, wisdom and example are awe-inspiring, challenging and eternal!! We love Bro.and Sis. Briggs more than words can say!!

  8. Love This great Man of God ❣He has always been soooo Kind soooo Amazing ❣a True Prophet of God , always Showed soooo much Love of God ❣He walk’s what he Talks “Preaches” Awesome Man of God ❣Love him & Sister Briggs ❣❤️💞💌

  9. A true man of God who walks the walk. I have never met a person that didn’t like him! He and his wife are beautiful people inside and out! Always there to support and encourage you. He has been a vital part of the Grant Parish Community and the Pastor of Bentley United Pentecostal Church for over 50 years. Dedicated to serving God and boy does it show! Grant Parish is a special place because of him!!

  10. There aren’t enough words in the English language to impart what Bro.Leland Briggs means to my family. I was blessed to meet him when I was probably 12 or 13! I am now 67yrs. old. Bro. Briggs was pastor to my Mom and Dad… They loved him dearly and he loved them.. Also my grandparents!! He was always there with the right words, prayers, and encouragement needed by all of us!! We love him and Sis. Briggs so much! He has been there during our times of sadness as well as joy!! He was there when I lost my first son Jamie and also when I lost my second son, Tim. He has long been a Rock in my life..I can’t imagine my life without this precious Man of God!! I truly hope he lives forever!!!!

  11. Bro. Briggs has seen my family through many trying times and has rejoiced with us in the good times. His kindness to everyone he meets draws you to him. Just being around him you can’t help but feel loved and cared for. Thank you, Bro. Briggs and Sis. Briggs for the examples you have set for all who are blessed to know you. We love you both very much!

  12. Bro Briggs has given us so many nuggets of wisdom. He is truly an example of what he preaches. We are so privileged to have been under their leadership for almost 40 years. We love and appreciate our pastor and his sweet wife.

    1. He is a unique shepherd.

  13. He has truly been a wonderful pastor to our family. We love and appreciate Brother & Sister Briggs. We are blessed to be part of their flock.

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