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In our desire to make a broad impact for the Kingdom of Heaven. Lane and I are excited to help you in any way we can for all of us to become better at making disciples for Jesus Christ. We don’t have all the answers, but we have learned some things that are effective at leading disciple-making churches. It is our joy to share them with you!

Thank you for joining us in the Apostolic Continuum and the Disciple Makers Training Course!

There will occasionally be updates made to improve the course. When changes are made you will be notified by email. You can use all the links below to download the resource documents now. The links will also be with each lesson the documents apply to.

How to navigate the material

Resource Links

Converted/Retained Ration Form

What Are The Reasons For a Convert to Stay at Our Church Handout

Attract or Repel

Alternate Words for Communication

End of Service Pastoral Hack

Creating a Praise Comfort Zone

Does Your Church Encourage or Reject

Understanding Discipleship as Portrayed in the Bible

Equipping People to be a Disciple Portrayed in the Bible

Altar Counselor Checklist

Discipleship Director Job Description

Secretary of Discipleship Ministry Job Description

Altar Counselor Job Description




Carlton Coon

A pastor at heart . . . these days I'm involved with encouraging the raising up of more shepherds to grow th flock of God. Through the years - 7 years as an evangelist, becoming pastor of a one year old church, later stepping in to pastor a church over 30 years old and now to serve as General Director of North American Missions for the past several years. Married to Norma, the sweet lady who balances me and still catches my attention! Two wonderful sons - Lane and wife Shelley are preparing to go to Atlanta to start a church; Chris works as a leasing agent in Springfield, Missouri. Two "holy children" - (grandsons) Kayden and Wyatt, both born in 2006. If a measure of a man is the things he allows to interrupt him then being "Big Daddee" is one of life's favorite things. Eighteen books written . . . and a goal to write one additional book each year. Observation: writing helps make one think more clearly!
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