Disciple-makers Training Course

Keeping newcomers in the church is not an easy task. But it can be done. More can be retained.

The Disciple-Makers Training Course equips a pastor and church to know the what, how and why of disciple-making.

Here’s what you can expect to receive:

  • Over 30 short videos… with accompanying videos and instructions. The training is practical and can be implemented in any size church.
  • Access to a special segment… designed to help church planters. This training is run by a couple currently planting a church in North Atlanta.
  • Guidance on how a pastor… can create and lead a small team of people to develop a “disciple-making” strategy for the local congregation and community.
  • Your very own eBook copy of The How And Why of New Convert Care and You Wouldn’t Want An Ostrich For Your Mama… These books are instrumental in retaining converts and growing your church.
  • Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group… This will be a course participant only group where you can confer with your peers, ask questions, give feedback and receive additional support if needed.
  • Special Members-Only Discount… We will be offering our FULL Disciple making packet at a HUGE Discounted rate! Only people who have purchased the course will get access to this discount!


Enjoy this preview of an introducing a lesson

As we show in the title, this course is focused on disciple-making. The topics covered in this course are geared toward teaching you how best to make disciples within your church. You can expect topics such as:

  • A Converts Journey To Faithfulness… Do you serve in a low commitment world? Sure! We all do. What processes can we establish to move people toward commitment?
  • What Behaviors Attract Or Repel Newcomers… Disciple-making does not begin at conversion. It begins when a newcomer walks in the door of the church. Does your church attract outsiders? Does it repel outsiders? Learn three things you can do to become more attractive.
  • When The Church Is A Closed Set… Average to smaller sized churches, those around 75 or fewer, can be closed to new customers. Those in the closed set are comfortable with each other. Learn how to open a “closed set.”
  • What Is An “Ostrich Church”… God used the ostrich as an example in questioning Job. The ostrich has many remarkable attributes. Being a good “mom” to her babies is not one of them. Learn about “ostrich churches” and how to change it.
  • The Disciples’ Measures Of Commitment… No one excels without commitment to their pursuit. Is it easy to lose sight of the things that should be measures of growth and commitment? Learn about the Lord’s measures of commitment.
  • Practical Steps To Closing Your Church’s Backdoor… Do you think much about converts who have exited the church? What might they have become? Here are some simple steps that help close the back door of the church.
  • Establishing A Committee To Help… Effective leaders involve others in developing strategies. This is a leadership lesson not only for Disciple-making but for everything you lead. Disciple-making benefits from having a team.

In our desire to make a broad impact for the Kingdom of Heaven. Lane and I are excited to help you in any way we can for all of us to become better at making disciples for Jesus Christ. We don’t have all the answers, but we have learned some things that are effective at leading disciple-making churches. It is our joy to share them with you!

Thank you for joining us in the Apostolic Continuum and the Disciple-makers Training Course!

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Course Content

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Introduction to Disciple-making ****


Assessing Your Church ****


Envisioning & Overcoming Obstacles ***


Creating a Planning Team Module ***


Three Major Obstacles to Disciple-making ***


Measures of a Disciples Progress **


Losing Disciples *


Deal with the Backdoor ***


A+ Disciple-making Ministry ****


Disciple-making for Church Planters - NEW