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Carlton L. Coon Sr.

Church Growth and Personal Growth Publications
To make it possible for each person to experience personal growth.
Pastor of Calvary Church Springfield, MO. Former General Director of North American Missions for the United Pentecostal Church, International.

Mailing Address:
4521 North Farm Road 165
Springfield, Missouri 65803

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67 thoughts on “Contact Carlton L. Coon Sr.

  1. good morning

    I’ve purchased 2 digital spanish products and have not received any links to download.

    1. Hello Joshua, I believe you have received your two digital products now. If this is not the case, please let me know.

      Thank you for your purchase!

  2. Hello Bro Coon,

    I recently purchased your two part discipleship series, Take Root and Bear Fruit. I was wondering if they were also available in an ebook form?

    Thanks for your great material! We love it!

    Bro Scarboro, NC

    1. Bro. Scarboro, I am thankful you are loving the material you purchased. I do not at this time have Take Root and Bear Fruit available in ebook form.

  3. Not sure if my last message went through or not, but I purchased the Resource Kit and have not received any links to download the ebook…Fitly Framed, can you help?

  4. I purchased your teacher’s resource packet. I thought perhaps there would be instructions to download the Fitly Framed lesson or that I would receive an email with the download link, but I haven’t seen anything. How do I get the lesson?

  5. Does this Bible study come in Spanish or other languages? If not are we free (as long as we have purchased it) to translate it into the language of the person we are giving bible study to?

    1. Great question. What the Bible Says . . . is currently available in Spanish. It is on sale at a pre-release discount through the end of the month. The books are actually already in. However, I made a commitment to sell them at a significant discount and will stay with it. The link is: As a point of information, we have it almost finished in French, in process in Tagalog and early stages of Chinese. Let’s impact the world. I’m not willing to allow translation by purchasers. My concern is the consistency of the translation. To get this into Spanish has involved two translators, two proof-readers, quite a bit of time and money. Those who know Spanish say it is right! I can only hope.

  6. I recently purchased What the Bible Says from White Steeple. I see on this site that there should be a pdf of the student material but I can’t seem to locate it. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for your investment into What the Bible Says . . . I hope the pdfs are being beneficial to you. Please keep me posted on the Bible lessons

  7. I am trying to order your home Bible Study course. I saw in my Perspective Magazine that you were offering 5% off with the code Persp5. When I try using that code in my checkout, it tells me that the code has expired yet it is in the most recent issue of the magazine,

    1. My apologies. I did not realize the software had a date connected to it. It has been corrected. Thanks for your interest in my material.

      C. Coon

  8. Hello,
    I pre-ordered the Bible study, What Does the Bible Say?, during the week prior to its release. I have not received a receipt for the purchase. Are you able to send that via e-mail?
    Thank you,
    Marcus Blaedow

    1. You should have received this a day or so back. We had a software glitch. Receipts were not being sent. Hopefully it is corrected.


  9. How do I get access to the download to the free audio of you teaching “What the Bible Says . . .” ?
    I had just ordered the book… Thank you!!!!

    1. Sorry for the delay. You will have received an email to this end. Have you been able to teach “What the Bible Says” to anyone?

  10. Hi I postes here last night but do not see iy, perhaps it got lost. I ordered a discipleship makers bundle and another book. I was wondering when they would be shipping? I never received shipping update, but money did go out of account for the order. Thanks so much, Bro.. Litchfield

    1. Hello sir, just a quick note to confirm that you received your order.

      c. coon

  11. I am trying to order, Discipleship Makers Pkg, but it just keeps saying that my address is not right, What do i need to do?

    1. Is there a phone number that i can call to place my order?

      1. The website had a problem. It should be fixed. I do apologize for the problem.

    2. This was a software problem at the website.

  12. Want to order but the shipping price does not show. Please advise.

    1. What were you ordering? It normally shows the shipping cost before the sale is complete.

  13. If I purchase an ebook, should it be available for download immediately or do I have to wait for an email?

    1. Jennifer. Your receipt should give you a link to the ebook. Hope all is well out west. Keep me posted on your project. If the receipt did not provide a link let me know.

      1. I only received a PayPal receipt for my purchase, not one from Truth Publications, so no link. We are seeing signs of spring out on the windswept plains, but I’m sure there’s at least one more blizzard awaiting. The project is coming along nicely. Slower than I’d like, but some things can’t be rushed.

        1. Thanks. I’ll manually send it to you, then try to figure out what the technological problem is. I enjoy your part of the world. It is beautiful. On your project – it seems the key will be getting a substantial list of authors interested in the concept, then developing mail list.

  14. I was looking at video on LYM and pastor Coon stated to go to this website and there was a free ebook that deals with apostolic evangelism but i can’t find it. Can you advise me on how to get it.

    1. Greetings. On the landing page at this website there should be a signup page that popus up. Sign up there for the free book on Apostolic Evangelim. If for some reason that is not working please let me know.

  15. Regarding New Convert Care:

    Wise words. This is so important. We have a new person that has been coming to services on a consistent basis and we are excited as this person has joined a Bible Study group and is doing well. This person works for a company that makes and distributes alcohol and they have been offered an opportunity to become a sales agent for a territory in Branson.

    I have been concerned that someone will make the person feel bad about where they work and place condemnation on them while they are still in a stage that they don’t even know that they are doing anything that is detrimental to them spiritually.

    Thanks for your continuing education which is a constant help to so many.

    1. It just takes time. More time than many realize. Thanks for weighing in.

  16. Rev. Coon, I really like your books but I can’t afford them. Do have you any free books that can help me to teach every young people in our church. I am a youth leader in our church. There is a plenty of books out there but I think your book is the one that I really needed and will help me the most. I am looking forward for your reply. God bless.

    1. Hi . . . You can email me directly at I’ll want to know about you, about where you are at, etc. I’m interested in impacting youth. Which book(s) were of interest?

  17. I ordered the Omnibus Sale on November 25, 2016. It is a Christmas present for my husband. However, I didn’t receive a tracking number, nor did I receive a download link for the two EBOOKs; “The How and Why of Hospitality” and “The How and Why of New Convert Care.” Could you please check on this for me? The order number is 2382.
    Thank you so much for your time and assistance.

    1. Hope your husband enjoyed the books.

  18. God bless bro. Coon, glad to know that you are actively involved in writing and training the next generation of “on fire” and “re-fired” apostolic Pentecostal men and women.

    1. I value that comment. We have much to do.

  19. We would like to order copies of the Christian Development Course, 1 & 2. We would like two copies of each. We are currently training teachers at our church and would like to use this course, if it’s still available. You can reach us at either 979-251-1784 or 979-251-1785.

    Thank you,
    Jim Cook

    1. Bro. Cook – Sorry for overlooking your email. These are not my books, but were written by Crawford, who is my uncle. I have one copy of level 1 and 2 copies of level 2. The easiest way is to do a paypal transfer to me. The books are $42 each and shipping/handling will cost another $14. If you want to do this the total transfer would be $140.00. The paypal account to send the funds to is

  20. Trying to order not ostrich churh program at discount rate of 100 but not able to do so..Thought this special was gooduntil Saturday.. Thanks

    1. Greetings Bro. Jones. I’m sure it was based on the video being out of date. If you want to make a paypal transfer of $100. (i’d need to provide that to you in an email that does not get sent by the entire world) I can do make the sale the easiest way, or i can have someone go in and reset the sale for a few hours for you to order. My apologies. I’d like to get you the material. C. Coon

  21. I just ordered how and why of new convert care as e book did not recieve what do I do next.

  22. Ordered revival in a brown paper wrapper, clicked download link and it downloaded to my browser. Tried again in bad internet spot and it said download limit reached. I don’t have the digital copy.

    1. Bro Coon, I was on my cell phone when I downloaded it and apparently with spotty internet service it maxed my number of downloads but I never saved a copy. Any way you could email me the pdf or reset the wordpress limit for me? I was on page 15 and was really enjoying the book. Great stuff!

  23. Bro. Coon I recently pre-ordered your book on Revival in a Brown Paper Bag but how do I receive the digital book?

    1. Your receipt has the link to click to download the book. If there is a problem let me know and I will have it sent direct to your email. Carlton Coon

  24. I checked my spam folder and it was not there.

  25. I am having trouble finding my digital download. Where should I receive it?

    1. Greetings Bro. Hickman,

      Thanks for your order. An email should have come to you, so look in your spam folder. However, there may be a “bug” in the system. When I am at my laptop I will send it to you from there as well.


  26. Hi Bro. Coon:
    I have just been chosen to help lead the New Converts program
    for the church in Saraland, AL. I did listen to your live presentation on Facebook tonight….and would be
    interested in buying the “You Wouldn’t Want An Ostrich For Your Mama” new converts course (I
    believe it is 3 levels)…and the “Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask” curriculum for the $100.00
    price (plus shipping)…..I was having problems in how to order. Please reply.

  27. Bro Coon,

    I am interested in purchasing some books from your site, but would like for you to please guide me or give some recommendations. I am interested in both personal growth and church growth. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I intend on spending $100 – $150. May God continue to bless you, your family, and congregation.

    1. Bro. Gibson,

      Somehow your comment got away from me. I apologize.

      Personal growth recommendations: Daily Things of Christian Living, If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me, also I believe you are involved in ministry so Masterful Preaching – which teaches a person how to preach to sinners, and Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask.

      Church growth – You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama, Healthy Church – Start Here, The How and Why of New Convert Care.

      After you’ve had a chance to think through and make your own personal notes about these then look at Take Root and Bear Fruit, as well as Fitly Framed – which are my efforts with new convert care. Disciple-making is the most pressing area of need for the church.

      Also, I’ve a new book coming out in two weeks. I’m very excited about Revival in a Plain Brown Wrapper. It’s concepts have the potential to impact the world.

      Again, I apologize for the delay in answering you

  28. Brother Coon I am not finding how to send the money for the materials. What do I need to do??

    1. There were problems with the “shopping cart”for several days. It should be working now. My apologies

  29. Hello, I tried to use the general inquiries link but it didn’t connect. I’m interested in the bulk sale that was mentioned in the email. How would that be ordered?

    1. There were problems with the “shopping cart”for several days. It should be working now. My apologies If you will specify which bulk sale you were looking at I will either reinstate the special price for a day for you or we can do it as a paypal transfer. Thanks

  30. Hi my name is Joshua Cintron. I made a order on the 11th order number 1756.
    Wanted to know if you have a tracking number.
    Thank you.

  31. I had the same experience where I clicked through the link in email to get the Take Root lesson, but the only thing to click on is a graphic for the book cover. Can you provide a link for the lesson info?

  32. I clicked through the link in email to get the Take Root lesson, but the only thing to click on is a graphic for the book cover. Can you provide a link for the lesson info?

  33. I purchased fitly framed from your website as a download. However, it wont let me download. My money was received by you. Can you help me?

    1. Following up again to make sure you received the email with Fitly Framed lessons

  34. I live in Australia and cannot purchase your ebooks as you do not give any options other than USA and Canada and the address is compulsory.
    Can you please adjust the settings for ebooks perhaps to allow purchases from overseas or can I use the UOCI headquarters address?

  35. By the way I love reading your posts they are very helpful

    1. you are welcome.

  36. Im tring to submit my information for your free ebook but for some reason im not able to enter my info

    1. Were you ever able to get the ebook request?

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