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The effective, relevant and interesting teaching of the Bible will be a key part of the next wave of revival. Are you ready for it?  You can be.

To be an effective influencer one will likely need to be an effective teacher!  Being an effective teacher begins with having access to resources that make the process easier.  These resources run the gauntlet – from materials to teach new converts to lessons taught to parents and married couples.  There is much ground in between!

This packet has FIVE great resources plus THREE sets of student handout ready to be put to use (please note the picture does not currently reflect the package being offered):

Take Root – Teacher’s Manual and Student Manual for a first level of disciple-making. It addresses doctrine and gives a good foundation of Apostolic distinction.

Bear Fruit – Teacher’s Manual and Student Manual for a second level of disciple-making. This series of 11 lessons address Christian responsibility including stewardship and lifestyle matters.

Fitly Framed – on a cd for you to print student and teacher lessons.  People need to be involved in ministry this puts them into the place they should serve.  Seven lesson, gift tests and more.

If Everybody Here Were Just Like ME? will help each saint realize what they should do to help their church become a great church. What is the measure of a great church?  What are the unique traits of the saints in a great church?  Excellent material and adaptable to many styles of teaching.

Daily Things of Christian Living – The New Testament uses the word daily to speak of seven different daily actions a saint should participate in.  Any person who lives out these 7 daily things will find it hard to backslide!  Very teachable and works with groups of different sizes.

Until He Comes – A Communion Service and Communion Teaching Series. This valuable book has 4 lessons, with student handouts and 4 sermons ready to preach.  On emailed request, this book can be provided to you as a MS Word Doc file.  You can then easily make the lessons your own.


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