Seven Perfect Bound Books


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The brand new – Healthy Church – Start Here! There are 18 primary reasons for a church to become unhealthy. None of these have to happen to anyone, anywhere.  Solutions are provided.

Daily Things of Christian Living – the New Testament gives seven things to do on a daily basis.

Masterful Preaching – restoring the place of preaching to sinners. Learn how and why we must preach to the lost on a regular basis.

Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask – practical real world issues deserve practical, real-world answers. Such answers are found in this book.

Honey From a Strange Hive – a resource book of funeral sermons for a varied array of situations.

If Everybody Here Were Just Like Me? – What is the measure of a great church or a great saint? Are we putting the priority on the wrong things?

You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama – An ostrich is the worst example of maternal instinct. Is our church one that intentionally works to care for spiritual newborns? If not, this book can help come up with solutions.



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