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Seven great resources – one digital for the person needing to train others – print as many “How and Why . . .” copies as you wish and add important books for the library of the preacher in your life!

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These resources are focused on developing a minister and providing resources to use on a consistent basis.  Seven invaluable resources are here and you, or your recipient get them all:

Healthy Church – Start Here –  is newest in a legacy of tools helpful for ministry.  There are 15 primary reasons a church does not succeed. Knowing  those reasons and responding correctly gives much hope for success.

Masterful Preaching – is the book Terry Pugh of which said, “Every young preacher in our district needs to read this book!”  Masterful Preaching captures the concept of preaching to the lost, and equips any preacher to be more effective in bringing the gospel to those who need it.

How and Why 3 in 1 USB – This powerful little card opens to be inserted in a USB drive. The drive has 3 resources on it:  “The How and Why of New Convert Care,” “The How and Why of Follow-up Visitation,” and “The How and Why of Hospitality.”  These three books originally published as spiral bounds books are available for the owner to print for multiple uses in a local church.  The resources and concepts here are proven by years of real world ministry.

Honey From a Strange Hive is a book you don’t know you need until you need it.  It is a book of funeral sermons.  Most were preached in extraordinary situations like suicide, the unexpected death of a child, a drug overdose, etc.  San Antonio pastor Nathan Scoggins says, “I have used Honey from a Strange Hive repeatedly.”

Daily Things of Christian Living – The New Testament speaks of seven things each Christian should do on a daily basis.  Daily Things is outstanding preaching/teaching material.

Questions Pentecostal Preachers Askdeals with practical areas of ministry.  Veteran Pastor Paul Covill said he had gained from “Questions” even though he had been in ministry for quite a time.

Excerpt:  How do I deal with the “time wasters” and odd people who seem to want much of my time?

Answer:  The Bible teaches, “Comfort the feeble minded . . .,” it does not say to let them “run” or “ruin” your life.  Early in the process of planting or pastoring one seems to collect an array of Ripley’s Believe it or Not people. Bear with it, many of them will move on as time goes by. Always be available to give them a bit of your time but not all your time.  In essence, set your own agenda.

P. 103, Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask

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