“Not an Ostrich” Disciple-Makers Package


“Not an Ostrich” Disciple-Makers Package

EVERY Disciple-Making Tool at Truth Publications in a single gift package. This package includes:

-You Wouldn't Want an Ostrich for Your Mama!

-The How and Why of New Convert Care, Hospitality and Follow Up Visitation – Digital Download

-Take Root – Teacher and Student

-Bear Fruit – Teacher and Student

-Fitly Framed – Digital Download

-Daily Things of Christian Living


Why the title?  Per the book of Job – an ostrich has no instinct to care for her young. A female ostrich stands tall and runs fast. However, her care for her young was to lay her eggs and then kick dust over them. Her care stopped right there!

Too often this has been the approach toward those born into Christ’s kingdom.

Learn how to make disciple-making strategic, intentional and EFFECTIVE!

  • You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama is my best-selling book that describes how much churches do new convert care and instructs on how to be more effective – whether with one convert or 15.
  • The How and Why of New Convert Care is a digital download. It includes behavior that will keep a convert coming back for more. It includes ten letters to email your newcomers. Copy this resource as often as you want to teach your disciple-making team.
  • The How and Why of Follow-up Visitation and The How and Why of Hospitality – two practical books as digital downloads. These provide more practical direction.
  • Take Root has 10 lessons for converts – you get (1) teacher and (1) student manual.
  • Bear Fruit is another 11 lessons – you get (1) teacher and (1) student manual
  • Fitly Framed is 6 lessons as a digital download. You print out the student and teacher material as often as you need. Each one of these products will help you STOP being an ostrich church and START developing new disciples.
  • Daily Things of Christian Living is a great tool to teach church or converts. Seven things the New Testament says Christians did on a daily basis.

The end product of the church is not just to make converts; though conversion is part of the process. The end product – DISCIPLES! The Not an Ostrich Disciple-makers Packet will provide a return on your investment with retaining even one convert.


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