I Just Want to Be Better At This!


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Constant improvement is the watchword for all who will succeed. Being satisfied . . . no longer reading . . . stopping any critical thought is absolutely destructive.

Be a Life Long Learner!

We have a great deal – 7 books focused on ministry at a solid discount.

My new book – The Science of Shepherding! Providing pastoral care for the 21st century. Little things mean so much in ministry.

  • Do you know the job description of a shepherd?
  • How does a staff benefit the shepherd?
  • What are the tools available to a shepherd?
  • In dealing with people, do I act like a shepherd or a butcher?

Revival in a Plain Brown Wrapper is my attempt to demystify revival. YOU can have revival where you are. Revival is not flash and dash. Revival is not dependent on you being an extrovert. Instead, revival comes through constancy of doing the right things for an extended period of time. 

  • Learn what sustained revival looks like.
  • Developing a consistent corporate strategy is essential.

The Details Matter addresses leadership and administrative responsibilities for a growing church. This is a Word Aflame imprint. It is required reading for ordination in the United Pentecostal Church, International.

  • What management strategy can a pastor employ in dealing with the leadership team?
  • Do you know the critical path for growth?
  • How do you simplify a church and keep it focused on the “main thing” of making disciples for Jesus?

Healthy Church – Start Here! There are 16 reasons church plants fail and that any church loses momentum. Each of the 16 reasons can be overcome with intentional focus.  Examples of the 16 reasons:

  • Unrealistic Expectations – How many church planters told me where they envisioned there new church being in a few months. In some instances, the planter was not still on site by then. The church planter was a victim of expectations that did not take into account the field and the spiritual conflict.
  • Not Asking for Money Until Too Late – People must be taught about stewardship and how to give.
  • Sunday is “prime-time.” All focus needs to be on Sunday and making sure there is quality preaching, praise and effective hospitality.

Apply the principles in Healthy Church – Start Here! and you will be leading a church toward health.

Questions Pentecostal Preachers Ask – is exactly that! It is filled with questions pastors, evangelists and young preachers have asked me through the years. It is imminently practical. Examples:

  • What should I do if I think I’m called to preach?
  • A church has invited me to consider becoming their pastor. What questions should I ask of their leaders?
  • What should my spouse’s role be in the church we are leading.
  • How can I fill my evangelistic calendar?

Daily Things of Christian Living – there are 7 things the Bible teaches us to do on a daily basis. These seven thing will discipline and ultimately define your ministry.

Masterful PreachingRestoring the Place of Good News Preaching This book is a best seller. Among my books, Masterful Preaching is considered a classic. It is now in its third printing. Churches don’t grow and we cannot have revival if we don’t preach to the lost on a regular basis. I was not taught to preach to the lost, the norm was to preach to saints.

  • Jesus talked about leaving 99 and seeking ONE! If ONE sinner is at church Sunday do we reach for the ONE!
  • How long should evangelistic sermons last?
  • What are evangelistic topics to consider.
  • “Sundays are for Sinners!”



You Wouldn’t Want an Ostrich for Your Mama – why an intentional strategy for discipleship works’

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